Apply for Wells Fargo Personal Loan | Review & Guide

If you want a strong and solid fund for your larger personal projects, Wells Fargo personal loans is the best option. Wells Fargo is an American multinational company famous for its financial services. The already experienced customers know that this company cost low interest rates and discounts on loans.

Wells Fargo is one of the few companies that offer unsecured personal loans from 3000 to 10,000 dollars. The limit of the loan is based on your credit score and income. Have a look at how it works.

Benefits of personal loans/how they work

The first and foremost benefit of a personal loan is that is unsecured. It means that there is no need for a car or house to get a personal loan. Personal loans do not have sky high interest rates. You can get a personal loan as an alternative for your canceled card limit increase.

If you apply for a Wells Fargo personal loan these are the perks you will get with it:

  • Fixed interest rates and competitive monthly payments
  • Discounted rates for valuable customers who pay regularly
  • A loan worth 3000 to 10,000 dollars
  • Easy application procedure
  • Get your card within the next business day after approval
  • No initial or pre payment penalty.
  • You can use tools and calculators for estimating and comparing your interest rates

Who can benefit the most from Wells Fargo personal loan?

If you are thinking to get Wells Fargo personal loan you should know one thing. Not everything is for everyone. Apart from the requirement of getting a Wells Fargo personal loan you should consider other things as well.

The people who have a good credit score can benefit the most from this personal unsecured loan. Although there is no specific credit score but most of the loans are issued with a credit score from 660 to 700.

If you are a new customer and you live near a Wells Fargo location you can easily apply. Only the existing customers can apply or pay online. New customers are required to apply in person.

If you want to pay off your debt in an orderly manner Wells Fargo gives customers free access to FICO scores. You can pay directly through this freedom of access.

Where to use wells Fargo personal loan

You can use Wells Fargo personal loan for almost anything. There are just a few exceptions. You cannot use a personal loan for your tuition fee, real estate(buying a house), or paying off your student loans.

Fee structure and interest rate

When it comes to the fee structure and interest rates, Wells Fargo lies in the best low rate personal loans. Wells Fargo personal loan offers a prearranged fee system with fixed interest.

Fee structure

No one can offer a more lenient fee structure for a personal loan than Wells Fargo. For Wells Fargo personal loan, there is no application or pre payment fee. There is no loan origination fee.

Generally it can be anywhere from 1 to 6 percent of the loan amount. For example if you get a loan of 10,000 dollars and the loan fee in 4% then it would be 400$. With Wells Fargo loan you save from 100 to 600 dollars.

If you pay late then there are late fee charges up to 39$. The same costs for the returned payments. To keep a clean credit history you should avoid late payments and try to pay on time.

Interest rate

The interest rates for Wells Fargo loan are fixed. The customers do not have to worry about any fluctuations. However, you can lessen down the interest rate to a 0.25% if you set your payment on automatic. The auto-payment system can be selected through your wells Fargo account.

The regular APR rate ranges from 6.99% to 19.99%.  When you apply with a good credit score your interest rates become low. You can also apply with a co-applicant to make it work.

Requirements to get a wells Fargo personal loan

There are no specific requirements for a Wells Fargo personal loan as there are for other loans. Wells Fargo only demands a good credit history and a good credit score ranging from 660 to 700.  The bank reviews your income, your financial status and your relation with the bank.

When you apply for Wells Fargo credit card you are required for all your personal and financial information and all your social security numbers.

How to apply

You can apply for a Wells Fargo personal loan through different mediums. If you are already in relation with Wells Fargo you can use all the channels. For first timers; you have to apply in person.

Apply for Wells Fargo personal loan Online

Apply online for Wells Fargo personal loan through the official website www.wellsfargo.com. Click on the Apply Now button and move to the next page. Fill up all your required information. Agree to the terms and conditions and apply.

You can also apply for a loan from your Wells Fargo account. Log in and apply with the same application process. You will get an approval notification.

Through phone

You can apply for a Wells Fargo loan by calling them. Just dial 1-888-667-5250 and provide all the information required. If you get approved for the loan, they will call back and inform you within 2 to 4 working days.

Visit wells Fargo branch

Wells Fargo has over 5,800 branches. So if you are a new customer looking for a personal loan, you better find a Wells Fargo location. You can use Google map to search for your nearest Wells Fargo. Pay a visit there with your original documents and complete the application procedure.

Customer service

If you have any query regarding wells Fargo personal loan application or payment you can contact customer services. Reach them 24/7 throughout the week. The hours are Just dial the customer service number 1-800-869-3557 and talk to a representative.

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